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"I feel vital and full of energy - exactly what I hoped for!"

"I sought Nickole’s help because I was aware that I’m not putting my health first. I’m a busy entrepreneur and just like many of us, I used to put everything else first but me. I realised that this can have negative effects on my body in a long term, hence I approached Nickole. Initially I was scared that this would be a ‘diet’ type of approach and I that it would be very difficult to keep up with. I was so wrong. Nickole's approach is brilliant - she helped me to incorporate little things into my daily routine - things that make a huge difference. Since I started to work with Nickole, I now am much more health conscious, I eat better, I have more exercise, and generally, I look after myself better. I feel vital and full of energy - exactly what I hoped for! As a bonus, I lost a little bit of weight. It wasn’t my objective for coaching, but hey, I’m not complaining. Thanks so much Nickole!" - Lenka

"Nickole is amazing!!"

"Nickole is amazing!! Her depth of information and conscious health has changed my perspective on how I take care of my body. In the four weeks we worked together, I incorporated a TON of new things into my routine and felt the difference within me right away! I had more energy, felt lighter, was inspired to begin moving my body, and happier all around! She even helped me with tips for eating while away on vacation that helped me not have a killer stomach ache by sticking by my health goals and tools to tackle the urge to bing eat and drink. If you're looking to get your mind in sync with your bodies needs Nickole is the one! She will rock it out!" - Tieara

"Realistic weight management"

"My schedule is sporadic, Nickole showed me how to realistically plan out my week to include healthy living so I can reach my weight goals." - Ginny

"Preventative health"

"With Nickole's help, I have maintained my weight because I know how to make smarter food choices. I have enjoyed foods I would've never tried before. I now have a new interest in preventative health." - DS

"Point me in the right direction"

"I used to make poor food choices for breakfast. One morning when driving to work I thought I'd stop and grab something easy and quick on the way in, I thought "what would Nickole say?" So I had my oatmeal instead! I'm glad I had Nickole in the back of my mind to point me in the right direction." - Maria

"Nickole is seriously a ROCKSTAR"

"Nickole is seriously a ROCKSTAR when it comes to health!! She is such a breath of fresh air and really knowledgable about everything health-related. I'm about to leave to go visit my boyfriends parents tomorrow in California, and his mom makes only extremely fatty Mexican food (like 6 times a day and expects us all to have 2 servings each time) and Nickole helped relieve my anxiety about it and gave me a plan of what to do when I get there (and what to do when I get back!) - Lauren


I was honored to be featured on my alma mater's "Great Graduates" site! You can read the full article on how I'm living my passion for helping heal from the inside out by visiting their website here: http://greatgraduates.com/nickole-swensen-healing-lives-inside/
I had the pleasure of being the health expert to moms and make a guest appearance on "Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa"!