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By applying pressure to reflex points in the ear, auriculotherapy helps to unblock the meridians to let the body release, relax, and heal.

Without the use of needles, medicine, or surgery auriculotherapy can help the body to heal itself for optimal health.  

Nickole's auriculotherapy specialties include: stress relief, anxiety, migraines, common cold, sinus pressure, seasonal allergies, insomnia, and general health maintenance. 

What to expect? During the initial visit, Nickole will walk you through the process of auriculotherapy in the comfort and relaxation of her in home studio. Relax during the treatment with a weighted eye mask, aromatherapy, and meditative music to fully immerse yourself in the healing process.

When will I see results? Many will notice mild to noticeable reduction of their complaint on the very first session. With each successive treatment, the degree of pain relief usually becomes more and more prominent and the duration of pain relief progressively extends from several days to several weeks. 

How often should I go? There is no set number of treatments for any health condition treated by auriculotherapy, but it is common that the severity of most conditions are moderately reduced by four to six sessions and greatly alleviated by eight to twelve sessions.

Typically, clients are given two treatments per week for two to three weeks, then once a week for several more weeks. The frequency of sessions progressively decreases to once a month as the condition becomes less pronounced.