I fully believe alignment is the key to happiness. 


With years and years of searching for the key to happiness, I found being in alignment is all that really matters. Why? Being in alignment means we are living in our truth. When we’re living in our truth, everything else falls into place. No more worrying about how to manifest things. No more worrying about being perfect. No more worrying about fitting into a box your soul wasn’t made for. No more worrying about making the right choice.

Being alignment with who our soul wants us to be, our natural truth, allows us to be in the flow and enjoy life. It’s the ultimate happiness, the I can’t believe this is my life type of happiness.

My soul’s purpose is to help you get back in alignment. Back to your natural state of truth. What I’ve learned is not one thing gets you to that ultimate place of alignment. Alignment includes more than just balanced chakras and the right crystal. (gasp!) It's a combination of things, and what I’ve found is harnessing your intuition along with balanced chakras, the right crystals, food that lights up your soul rather than dampens it, and feeling empowered to actually follow your truth are the keys to alignment. 

There is a lot to navigate which is why I've created a fully immersive experience to get you aligned and in the flow - the Alignment & Flow Retreat.


During the Alignment & Flow Retreat I bring you two days of coaching, support, and hands on practices to create alignment using all the things I know to bring you to true flow and ease with life. You will learn how to create a life that feels miraculous.

Part of being in alignment is being able to access your intuition. I could never be in full alignment with my truth if I hadn’t learned how to access and follow through with my intuition. Intuition + alignment is my golden ticket. When I access it there is an ease and flow in my life that is indescribable. I’m happier, my anxiety is gone, and things that seem miraculous are a constant. I’ve had a strong intuition my whole life, I just didn’t know how to access it. I never fit in. I doubted myself constantly. I searched for answers in stacks of self-help books, high end coaches, crystals, name it I relied on it to get me that missing piece that I was so desperate for. What I realized is that I had the power all along. 

Worried about going against the grain? Fitting into a box? Standing in your truth? Are your wheels spinning searching for that missing piece? You’re watching everyone else and comparing yourself to what you see. You shouldn’t be unhappy because outside looking in, you have a great life, but you are. You feel guilty for thinking this, but there is something missing. You’re not sure what, but you know that you have more to offer the world. You’ve read stacks of self-help books, listen to podcast after podcast, but you don’t feel fulfilled and you aren’t sure what it will take to get there. I get it, I’ve been there. It wasn’t until I figured out I hold the power that I found true alignment. I was able to work with the flow of life instead of paddling against it. 


I didn’t know my truth, I didn't know how to listen to my intuition, I didn’t know how to be truly aligned, and I sure as heck didn’t have the courage to go through with what I was meant to do. 

Fitting in doesn’t align with you. Fitting into a box your soul wasn’t made for suppresses the gifts you can give to the world. Alignment, being aligned with the true you, allows you to live the best possible life full of ease and happiness.

This two day retreat is a full immersive experience to access your alignment. We will develop and open up the channel to listen to your truth. Through the power of aligning your own energies, accessing your intuition, claiming your power, and everyday techniques to use at home you’ll become truly aligned.

Here’s what you can expect from the ALIGNMENT & FLOW RETREAT:⁣

▲ Clear out energy that is no longer serving you through self-energy work⁣
▲ Access what aligns you with your truth⁣
▲ Learn how crystals can help with alignment and how to access their power⁣
▲ Explore how to meditate in a way that perfectly aligns with you⁣
▲ Harness the power of food to lighten up your soul and activate your energy systems⁣
▲ Learn how to utilize an easy, holistic self-care routine⁣
▲ Discover the power of community with a beautiful tea ceremony⁣


| access your truth to live a life of ease and flow |


This is your invitation to join me for a weekend of alignment, flow, & ease

Alignment + Flow Retreat | $597

Limited to 8 spots. 

Ticket admission includes:

✔ Access to the two-day retreat

✔ Light snacks, beverages, and lunch provided on both days (vegan + gluten-free)

✔ Special event gift bag

This retreat will take place at the Hilton Des Moines Downtown (435 Park St, Des Moines, IA 50309 USA) September 21-22, 2019 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

(Ticket does NOT include lodging accommodations)

Hurry and join me | Limited tickets available

| Are you ready to live a life full of ease and happiness? You won't want to miss this. |