on location

On location 


Not in the area? Let me come to you!

Have an event that you want to be really aligned in your truth and confidence for? Let me come to you. We all know when you are feeling your best most confident and goddess self others notice!

This is for you if…

  • you want to perform at your best for those you are meant to inspire

  • you want to remove any nerves and increase your self-esteem before a big day

  • you want to let down your barriers and allow your true self shine

  • you want to relax and recharge after you’ve given your all

  • you want your clients to experience alignment and peace

Nickole will facilitate her signature “Auriculotherapy Chakra Balancing Session” to remove the blocks so your true self shines confidently. When your energy is aligned you radiate from the inside out. You’ll feel prepared, confident, and at ease to bring forth your message effortlessly.

Nickole has traveled across the U.S. to help women get aligned before their big event. Here are just some of the ways she can assist in helping you radiate your true, confident, and goddess self:

  • Before a photoshoot

  • Before a speaking engagement

  • Before a big launch or pitch

  • Before a retreat or event you are hosting

  • At a retreat or event you are hosting for your guests


National and international options available

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