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where she feels empowered and life flows with ease. ARE YOU?

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▲ Are you tired of feeling stuck?

▲ Have made big strides, but you know you are capable of so much more?

▲ Feel you like you’re spinning your wheels and just can’t embody the energy of the woman you know you’re meant to be?

▲ Are ready to energetically up-level and allow every area of your life to expand like never before (including your finances + business + career+ relationships)?

▲ Are frustrated watching everyone else become successful, making their dreams a reality while you’re waiting on the side lines

Know that there is more to life than what you’ve experienced and you just don’t know how to get there…

▲ Have told yourself that someday you’ll be successful… someday you’ll feel happy…



Listen friend, I know what that feels like. I spent years reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, buying all the crystals, trying all the coaches and courses but I always felt like there was still something missing. There was some part of me that just wasn’t aligned with the life that I wanted. What was wrong with me?! It shouldn’t be this hard. It was frustrating and defeating.

When you’re not aligned, the path to your dreams can feel lonely and defeating. No one gets how frustrating it can be to put in so much work and not be where you want to be. People are “passing you”. They are doing all the things you dream of doing…they are thriving with a successful career or business, traveling to the most beautiful destinations, and seem truly carefree and happy. You’re frustrated, you may want to quit, you may want to just give up your dreams and live an easier life. But, that’s not for you. I know you’re meant for so much more.

The dreams you have are for you. Let me repeat that, what you desire is FOR YOU. The universe gave you that desire for a reason and that reason is they know you can achieve it. They know that those desires will help you to bring more good into this world. I believe in you. But, where the frustration lies is that you don’t know how to get from where you are now to actually achieving the desires. That is where alignment comes in.


Energetic alignment is when your energy centers within your body flow freely. The blocks that have been keeping you stuck are gone. You’re able to tap into your truth. You’re able to connect with your intuition. You’re aligned mind, body, and spirit. Everything flows effortlessly.

Being in alignment allows your dreams to become reality. I know that sounds a little out there, but it’s the truth and it’s what shifted my entire life. Being in alignment allows you direct access to your truth and what your soul is desiring. When you’re living in your truth, everything else falls into place. You become an energetic match for your dreams. You get guidance that leads you to the perfect opportunities. It’s an ease and flow that allows you to manifest your dreams into reality. When you’re in alignment you’re more confident, new ideas come easily, the creativity flows, you’re able to receive the goodness you’re seeking (hello perfect clients, more money, and the best new relationships!) No more playing the comparison game. No more worrying about how to manifest money. No more worrying if what you’re doing will sell. No more searching for the perfect clients. No more worrying about about fitting into a box your soul wasn’t made for.

The truth is, we all have energetic blocks within our bodies that are holding us back. These blocks can be passed on through our DNA, situations we faced as children, negative experiences, or trauma can all cause us to be out of alignment. You’ve been carrying these blocks for far too long. The deep seated blocks are the cause of you not owning your power, living in your truth, and living the life of your dreams. When the blocks are removed your dreams can become your reality.

These private intensives are not just about aligning your chakras, they are about a full mind, body, spirit experience to align your whole self.

This is exactly what we will work though during your Private Alignment Intensive.


I’m not a very patient person. I think being patient is overrated. When I want something, I want it now. Not after I take a 3 week course, not after 6 months of coaching. I want my dreams to happen now. If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste another second not living your dream life. You’re ready to take charge now and step into your power. You don’t want to wait for more courses that will take weeks. You want to remove the un-wanted stuff you’ve been holding onto for too long so you can finally live your dream life.

An intensive is a full day (6 hours) of coaching, support, self-energy work techniques, and meditations to access true alignment.

We will dive deep to remove the blocks that have been holding you back to become centered and energetically aligned and learn how to stay in alignment once our day together is done. During this intensive you’ll access a deep level of intuition where we will make an energetic plan of action to specific to your goals and dreams.

With support, you’ll access alignment through healing your energy systems (including my signature alignment practice of accessing alignment through the ears), removing the blocks, stopping the dead end stories you’re telling yourself, learn how to stay in alignment through various techniques including the energetics of food , and tap into your ultimate fail-proof tool, you’re intuition.


▲ Confidence to live in your truth

▲ Start embodying the badass woman you’ve been holding back

▲ Attract your dream life effortlessly

▲ Shedding fear and owning your true desires

▲ Tapping into your true power to experience more love, money, and happiness

▲ Release blocks that have been holding you back to live your dream life


Hi beautiful! I’m Nickole Swensen. My soul’s purpose is to help you get back in energetic alignment. I’m a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner with experience in a variety of energy healing modalities that access mind, body, spirit alignment. I use my knowledge and expertise to give you an alignment experience that connects your mind, body, and spirit to your truth and allows you to access the power within to make your dreams a reality.

I started working for myself 10 years ago, but it took years to become successful. I spent years wasting time and money not getting the results I wanted. I was searching everywhere for the “golden ticket to success”. I was running a business but I was listening to everyone but myself. Looking back, I didn’t even know what I wanted let alone how to get it. I was so out of alignment! I wasn’t doing what I loved, I wasn’t successful, and I wasn’t happy. Everything seemed so hard.

Fast forward a few years, I found what I was missing. I found my alignment! I found happiness in not only my business but in every area of my life. Things flowed easily. I started offering what lit me up, what my soul needed to share with the world. My business started thriving. Speaking my authentic truth came through easily, which attracted the best clients and relationships. Money came in through unexpected ways. Things that used to stress me out felt easy and flowed naturally.

Now, I don’t need to worry. I trust completely because I’m in such energetic alignment that I know what I’m meant for, I know how I’ll get it, and I have the confidence to show up everyday as myself. I know you want this for yourself and I want it for you too.


The power of 1:1 private alignment coaching, personal support, and specific energetic guidance creates the massive shift you’ve waiting for.



My most advanced complete alignment experience

▲ Full day (6 hours)

▲ Clear out and align the energy centers with self-energy work

▲ Release blocks that have been holding you back

▲ Start embodying the badass woman you’ve been holding back on

▲ Attract your dream life effortlessly

▲ Shed the fears and own your true desires

▲ Tap into your true power to experience more love, money, and happiness

▲ Learn about and discover the energetics of food for alignment

▲ Daily practices to stay in alignment

▲ Map out a plan of action to achieve your goals + dreams


▲ Full day (6 hour) private intensive with Nickole (via in-person or online via zoom)

▲ (1) 30 minute follow-up phone call within 7 days of intensive

▲ Unlimited email support for 30 days after the intensive

▲ Reference guides to integrate alignment at home




I’m going to be honest with you, your alignment is up to you. I share with you everything I know and have learned over the course of 10 years, but it’s up to you to make the changes and say yes to yourself and your dreams. What I can promise you is this: I will support you, I will show up for you, I will help you show up for yourself, I will empower you, I will teach you everything I know to remove the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks holding you back, I will help you to see a different perspective, and I can help you to achieve alignment if you’re ready and willing to say yes to yourself and your dreams.

This intensive is unique to anything you’ve done before. I combine self-energy healing techniques and the support of coaching to deliver complete energetic alignment mind, body, and spirit. We deep dive into blocks that have been holding you back to clear them energetically and see where they have been holding you back.

See everyone can live their dream life, all it takes is a willingness to say YES!

Nickole’s unique approach to alignment is unlike anything you’ve seen. She uses her knowledge with energy healing, coaching, and the energetics of food to access alignment like you’ve never had before.


▲ Craving the next step on your journey to start living the life you’ve envisioned

▲ Ready to do whatever it takes to thrive spiritually, personally, and financially

▲ Determined to stop suffering and are ready to energetically up-level

▲ Ready to step into and embody the women you know you’re meant to be

If this is you, you’re ready and I’m so excited to help support you!


This is an intimate experience and I absolutely treasure the time and energy I share with you, because of this I only open up time slots for the Private Alignment Intensive 2-3 times per month. I am offering these in person at my studio and I’ll be traveling to select locations around the world as well as offering online via zoom.

If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, the next step is to choose correlating date and location that best works with your schedule, fill out the questionnaire, and choose whether you’ll meet me in person or from anywhere online via zoom. As always, if you have questions you can email them at Nickole@bewell-behappy.com


What women around the world are saying after working with Nickole:

Intensive Experiences:

In the middle of the night, Spirit informed me I was to work with Nickole to release, let go, and forgive AND THEN I needed to be in balance, be in alignment, and receive. Spirit knew she was the one person I was willing to open up to and be vulnerable with. Spirit entrusted her to do this assignment and help me elevate to the next level of life and business.

Nickole structured the day perfectly. It wasn’t overwhelming. It was the perfect balance of letting go, alignment, and receiving. She allowed room for change, as Spirit directed her; as I needed it. What could have taken me days, weeks, months to transform, together with Spirit, Nickole, and myself, we did it all in 6 hours!

Thank you, Nickole, for being an intricate part of my elevated existence. This has helped me in so many ways! Love you, lady.
— Sarah Sparks

Workshop Experiences:

I woke up this morning feeling lighter and just have a brighter outlook. I feel so much more open and can even tell in my posture.
— Katelyn Bates
With each exercise I felt my heart chakra open and my energy shift. The self love exercise really set the rooms energy for us all on a higher level. The experience is one I will cherish and will definitely attend a workshop with Nickole again! Thank you for this experience and for laying the groundwork for my healing journey.
— Hannah Dorman
I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone wanting to improve their journey ♥️ Nickole is wonderful!! This workshop was exactly what I needed!
— Bridget Schiltz
I practiced having a different response when I got home and nobody had taken the garbage to the curb and I wanted to be upset..but I sang a little tune of “I’m taking the garbage out” and I couldn’t be upset when in song..I’m so glad I got to attend!
— Breanne Costa

Chakra Balancing Experiences:

I just want to tell you that even if you aren’t quite sure what chakra balancing is or if you need/want it, you do! My very first session I didn’t really know what to expect but it left me feeling absolutely blissful, refreshed, peaceful, stress free and full of love and light. My next session was pretty much the same and I greatly look forward to another session again soon. Nickole did a great job of making me feel relaxed and explaining everything. If you are looking for something to add to your self care routine I highly recommend giving this a try. It is well worth your time and you will leave feeling like you are floating on a cloud. Highly, highly recommend.
— Anne Llewellyn
I had my first chakra balancing with Nickole yesterday and it was heavenly. Nickole has a great vibe and her space is lovely. During the session I felt incredibly relaxed and at peace. I went about the rest of day feeling zenned out yet functional,and I got the best night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’m looking forward to my next session!
— Jenn Riggs
I visited Nickole’s home studio this week for the first time and it was a treat for my body & mind! Not only did I leave relaxed and balanced, but Nickole is a beautiful person inside and out that clearly is doing the healing work she’s meant to be doing. Her services are worth it. Namaste. 🙏🏻♥️
— Mandy Gard
Five stars all the way. Nickole really knows what she’s doing and she makes you feel so comfortable. I had my first chakra balancing session with her and thank god I did because ALL my chakras were blocked. It is such an incredibly peaceful experience, I left it feeling so relaxed yet energized and ready to take on the day. It completely got rid of any lingering anxiety I had been feeling before it, I can’t wait for more sessions!
— Lauren Amaro
I’m truly amazed by how working with the ears can help us on many levels. I truly love the chakra balancing crystal and sound work the Nickole offers. It instantly moves me into a state of deep stillness, peace and calm.
— Safiyah Grace