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{Recipe} Meal Replacement Smoothie

Happy Tasty Thursday!

I don't usually advocate those pre-packaged meal replacement shakes or smoothies. They tend to be filled with chemicals and nasty things I wouldn't put in my body. PLUS, they usually don't taste the best and aren't even filling (which is the whole point of a meal replacer anyway right?!). Today I want to share with you a recipe that makes this smoothie a meal replacement exception!

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Ice Cream for Breakfast {Neapolitan Smoothie Recipe}

Happy Tasty Thursday! If you haven't heard yet, my dream of owning a Vitamix came true last week! I have been dreaming of one for years getting by with a Ninja until I finally ordered a Vitamix and received my precious blender last week. It was like CHRISTMAS when the UPS man came! I've literally been making smoothies non-stop since! HA! Today I'm sharing one I've been loving a lot lately "Neapolitan Smoothie". I make a big batch in the morning and we all have it with our breakfast before we start the day.

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