divine transformation 9 week program

 Divine Transformation -9 Week 1:1 Program


Feeling stuck? You’ve been doing all the things you’re supposed to and still not seeing yourself where you want to be in life. Blocks within our energy systems can affect every aspect of our lives. From manifesting our dreams to building relationships that light us up to feeling confident and happy. Everything is affected by our energy systems. When our energy isn’t aligned, our chakras can’t spin freely allowing our true potential to flow. That leaves you struggling and frustrated knowing that you are meant to reach your dreams, you’re meant for a big impact but you just can’t seem to find the missing puzzle piece. That’s where I come in to help facilitate a change within so that everything you desire comes to you with ease. 

I want you to transform your life. I want you to stop putting your foot in the water of your happiness and immerse yourself in the process that can show you a life that is beyond your dreams.

I want more for you. What if feeling empowered was your normal? What if your relationships became easy? What if money flowed effortlessly? What if you unlocked the potential you’ve been hiding to live the life of your dreams?

As relaxing and transformative as the signature 30 minute sessions are, what we want is an even deeper transformation. To release the deep seated blocks making you feel stuck through energy release combined with intuitive coaching support in full 1 hour sessions.

Did you know most of us aren’t living up to our potential? Let’s uncover the potential bottled up inside and release what is holding you back from living the life you are meant to.

Don’t let another minute pass you by; we have one life, let’s live it to the fullest. 


This is a commitment. A commitment to feeling happier. A commitment to living in the flow of life. A commitment to unleash your full potential in all areas of your life. A commitment to feel empowered. Are you ready to transform your life?

Nickole uses her signature “Auriculotherapy Chakra Balancing Sessions” which is a combination of energy work, crystal energy healing, sound healing, intention, and acupressure points all done within the ear.

Each balancing session starts with an intention. Then moves into sound healing to relieve tension, relax the body, and open the energy systems. The session is intuitively guided to use crystal healing energy and a tuning fork to open, align, and activate the chakras. Ear acupressure points will be accessed through an ear massage, this allows the energy to detox and release while relaxing every aspect the body. Nickole will then walk you through her intuitive findings and support you in deeper exploration of how to release the blocks further. 

Some results occur instantly but will progress deeper as your body progressively lets go of the energy that is no longer serving your vision. 

Your intention and experience within the session is unique to you, but past clients have experienced life-changing results such as:

  • Releasing beliefs that are keeping you stuck 

  • Releasing limiting blocks that hold you back from accessing your true potential

  • Shedding fear and owning their true desires

  • Attracting their dreams effortlessly

  • Confidence to live in your truth

  • Tapping into your true power to experience more love, money, and happiness


Divine Transformation - 9 Week 1:1 Program Includes:

  • 6 signature chakra balancing sessions with intuitive findings and coaching to support you in deeper exploration of how to release the blocks further (1 hr/session)

    • First 2 weeks meet for a session once a week. After that each session is every other week

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions (response within 24 hours)

  • Take home palo santo and your own set of 7 crystals to support you and your chakras

  • Quick reference guide for at home techniques including exercises, foods, and rituals to continue to integrate your chakra health in between sessions

I’m so glad we found each other, you are right where you need to be.

You aren’t alone. Compassionate, energetic support is waiting for you.

Divine Transformation - 9 Week 1:1 Program $697

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