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Creamy Tomato Pasta with Sauteed Peppery Mushrooms Recipe

Starting this week, there will be themed days to my blog posts so you all can have an idea of what exciting things to expect! Because of my (and my family's!) love of mushrooms I've devoted a whole day to mushrooms. So I want to say an official Happy Mushroom Monday! :)

Are you a pasta lover? Me too! With this recipe, there's no need to feel guilty. The tahini in this recipe packs it with protein, vitamin E and B vitamins, calcium, and the liver detoxifier Methionine. Add in the glorious and nutrient rich mushrooms which give high amounts of fiber B and D vitamins and are low in calorie.

Not only is this recipe healthy, it's delicious! Because who really wants to eat healthy if it doesn't taste great?! Not me!

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