Halloween Fun--"Crazy Grape Bugs"

Happy Tasty Thursday and (almost) Halloween!

I love Halloween it's such a fun Holiday! Dressing up and treats--what can be more fun?! With the boys, I make sure everything is in moderation when it comes to treats. I know they will enjoy trick or treating and getting candy this weekend, but I want them to see a fun way to enjoy the Holiday that includes healthy practices too. The best way for kids to enjoy healthy food? Let them play with it and have fun!

Here's our healthy Holiday fun--"Crazy Grape Bugs" {name coined by my sons ;)} It seems so simple, but they had such a fun time making these! All you need is toothpicks and some grapes of your choice. Poke the toothpicks through the grapes and keep extending to make the craziest bug you can. Ours didn't turn out very bug-like but they sure were crazy! ;) Have fun with it!

 I let them have at it! It was fun to see their creativity shine making their crazy bugs.

After they assembled and made up silly stories about their bugs, they ate them! (Eating took a lot less time then building ha!)  This is true play food :) 

I'd love to hear what you do to incorporate healthy living into the Holidays, comment below and share your tips!

Have a Happy, healthy, and safe Halloween!

With Health and Happiness,