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Vegan Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Happy Tasty Thursday!

Keeping with this month's Holiday cooking theme I couldn't resist sharing a dessert recipe I created. Because, what are the Holidays without cookies?! This recipe is a take on the traditional shortbread cookies. Instead of using unhealthy butter, loads of sugar, and eggs I've made it healthy and vegan!

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Halloween Fun--"Crazy Grape Bugs"

Happy Tasty Thursday and (almost) Halloween!

I love Halloween it's such a fun Holiday! Dressing up and treats--what can be more fun?! With the boys, I make sure everything is in moderation when it comes to treats. I know they will enjoy trick or treating and getting candy this weekend, but I want them to see a fun way to enjoy the Holiday that includes healthy practices too. The best way for kids to enjoy healthy food? Let them play with it and have fun!

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