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Vegan Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Happy Tasty Thursday!

Keeping with this month's Holiday cooking theme I couldn't resist sharing a dessert recipe I created. Because, what are the Holidays without cookies?! This recipe is a take on the traditional shortbread cookies. Instead of using unhealthy butter, loads of sugar, and eggs I've made it healthy and vegan!

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Halloween Fun--"Crazy Grape Bugs"

Happy Tasty Thursday and (almost) Halloween!

I love Halloween it's such a fun Holiday! Dressing up and treats--what can be more fun?! With the boys, I make sure everything is in moderation when it comes to treats. I know they will enjoy trick or treating and getting candy this weekend, but I want them to see a fun way to enjoy the Holiday that includes healthy practices too. The best way for kids to enjoy healthy food? Let them play with it and have fun!

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Birthday Fun and Frosting Recipe

Monday was my youngest son's birthday, he turned 4! Naturally, we had to have a special treat so we made cupcakes for his party. I've been making my son's birthday cakes from scratch since their first birthday parties. I'm not sure the last time I used a "box cake mix". The reason? Box cake mixes tend to have a lot of filler ingredients...things I can't pronounce nor do I want them in my body. Making your own cake from scratch is not only easy, it's delicious! You know what you're eating and you can pronounce it all. That means your body recognizes it as food and it can deliver the nutrients accordingly.

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Mocha Chia Seed Pudding

My name is Nickole and I'm a choco-holic. And I'm a sucker for good coffee. Though I don't drink as much as I used to (I used to have 1 pot a day at least...eek I know!), I still enjoy my 1 cup of coffee a day. So, to put my two favorite things together in a healthy recipe I can feel good about is HEAVEN. This dessert recipe whips up quickly with little energy!  

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