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No Bake All Natural Granola Bar Recipe

Hi friends! I have been searching for a healthy snack that is portable and packed with nutrition. Granola bars are the perfect combination, but with most store bought versions containing some questionable ingredients (high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, and preservatives) I decided to create my own recipe. I came up with this recipe for an easy no bake and no sugar added all natural granola bar recipe! 

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Whole Wheat Oat Bread Recipe


As a lover of cooking and preparing homemade meals, I try to buy less pre-packaged and store bought foods and do my best to swap those products for healthier homemade versions. One food I consistently make at home rather than buy is bread. As a family of 4, we go through a lot of bread and the good stuff (whole wheat, no preservatives, no dyes or chemicals) can get expensive! A few years back I treated myself to a bread maker and haven't looked back since!

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