3 Day Cleanse is AVAILABLE!

3 Day Eat Clean Cleanse Detox

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would do a video blog post for you this week to share my experience going on my 3 day cleanse. I will start by saying I have been on other cleanses before and didn’t terribly enjoy them. The food wasn’t my favorite and I always seemed to feel hungry. That was why I wanted to design this 3 day cleanse and offer it on my shop page--I wanted a “no starving” approach that cleans out the toxins but with food that still fills me up and tastes good.

I finished going on this cleanse last night and I have to say I feel so great! Day 1, I had a slight headache from my body going through the process of removing the built up toxins. That day I had a little less energy than normal, but I never felt hungry. All the meals tasted great and they are spread out through the day so I never felt deprived. I even had dessert! :) By Day 2, I gradually got more energy and again never felt hungry or deprived. Waking up Day 3, I had a great amount of energy! It was like having the coffee rush but it was only from healthy eating and not the caffeine stimulants. I felt this steady energy throughout the day. Before bed I typically feel extremely tired and groggy, but on the last night of the cleanse I felt relaxed and clear-minded. It really gave me a better much more restful sleep.

Overall, I noticed a huge decrease in bloat and inflammation. My skin feels clearer and brighter and I just feel more energized and alert. Of course, everyone’s results will vary depending on your current health and eating habits. But, I am certain that you will be able to kickstart a healthier routine with this cleanse.

The 3 Day Cleanse is a is a ‘NO-starving’ approach focusing on delicious and filling whole plant based foods. Meal recipes for each of the 3 days include smoothies, healthy snacks, warm dinners, and even dessert! What is included in the plan are recipes for every meal (all recipes are NO meat, dairy, gluten, nuts, soy or added sugar), shopping list, advice on what you need to know before and after the cleanse to make it a success, education of the benefits of the ingredients and how they help work with your body for optimum health, and positive quotes each day for motivational support.

I am happy to share my experience and hope it inspires you to try this cleanse. For more information and to purchase, go to my shop page and get all the details.

With Health and Happiness,



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