Where I have been

Some of you may have noticed my absence over the last few weeks here and on my social media pages. Over the last few weeks, my family and I have been settling into our new life in San Antonio, Texas. It has been quite the process moving from Iowa to sunny Texas but we are very much enjoying our experience here!

I have taken the last few weeks to not only get unpacked and organized but to start my other passion--gardening! Along with my health and nutrition training I am also certified in Urban Farming (or city gardening). My family and I have moved to a house that has a great backyard for container growing and I am thrilled to plant my edibles! So far, I have tomatoes, basil, kale, spinach, and calamondin oranges. I hope to keep adding to my garden as the growing season here is virtually year round. My container garden is a work in progress, but I will hopefully be able to work in the kitchen concocting recipes with my homegrown organic produce soon! I will of course keep you updated with it's process because I strongly believe freshest produce is the best way to a healthy lifestyle and you can't get any fresher than your backyard! :)

I am so happy to be back! I am ready to help you with all your wellness needs and am thrilled to be able to serve the local San Antonio, Texas area in person!

With Health and Happiness,


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