What is a Health Coach and do I need one?

Hi Friends! I have been thinking lately about my career as a Health Coach and how much I truly love helping others. But, I came to realize not everyone may know what a health coach actually does and more importantly how I can serve you to live your fullest life. This post is dedicated to explaining what I do as a health coach as well as why you might need me in your life.

|| What is a Health Coach? ||

Honestly, a health coach will be different to each and every client. As a health coach, I take each person's health strengths and perceived weaknesses to help them reach their individual wellness goals. Each person is treated as an individual unlike many healthcare practitioners today. There is a reason behind why you are not living your healthiest and we will work together to overcome this so you can live your dream life.  Some typical goals could be losing weight, getting rid of stress, better management of a disease, increasing energy, or whatever you feel is right for your healthiest self.  

As a health coach I do not replace a medical doctor, rather, I am a tool in your wellness arsenal to get you to your healthiest life possible. It takes a lot of work to figure out what is right for you and to get to your goals. That's my job. I take care of mapping out realistic ideas that are specific for your lifestyle and set goals. We work together to motivate and inspire you into action so you are able to achieve your goals and feel the best possible.

|| Who needs a Health Coach? ||

Many of us know what we should  be doing to get to our health goals, but why aren't we all there yet? That's where I come in as a health coach. I am there to support, motivate, and inspire you along your journey so you ARE successful. Although we may have many reasons for not getting started on our health journey (too busy, think it may be hard, or don't know where to begin) as a health coach, I can help put it all into perspective. We map out a plan that is perfect for your lifestyle and goals. Being healthy doesn't need to be hard or take up a lot of time. I can work with you so you are able to put all those excuses behind you and start living the life you deserve.

Now, I know how hard it can seem at first. Don't worry, I will help you along the way. There just aren't enough excuses in the world not to be living the best life possible. If you are interested in working with me one-on-one, please contact me Nickole@BeWell-BeHappy.com I look forward to hearing from you!

With Health and Happiness,


Health Coach Session Giveaway!

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the giveaway I posted last night. I'm so excited to be able to do this! Here are all the details and what you can expect from a health coaching session:

To enter is simple, go to my Facebook page and 'like' my page. Then, 'like' the giveaway photo for 1 entry. 'Like' and 'Share' the photo for 2 entries. It's that easy! :) But hurry the giveaway ends September 28th at 11:59 pm cst!

The winner will receive a 1 hour FREE Health Coaching session with me {valued at $100}! 

What you can expect when you WIN:

After setting up your FREE initial consultation, you will receive an assessment form to fill out; this allows a better understanding of your current and past health history. You can then expect a private one-on-one nutrition consultation with me via Skype, or phone. Here you and I will walk step by step through your wellness goals and intentions. I will evaluate your assessment and figure out the best foods, movement, and lifestyle plan that will best suit you and your goals. We will discuss your objectives and how to make them an integral part of your healthy lifestyle change.

I am here to support and guide you to be healthy and happy with consistent and lasting wellness.  I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey! 

Good luck to the winner :)

With Health and Happiness,


Cooking With Green

Last week was a super fun yet busy week. Not only were we busy enjoying the last week of Summer vacation (my oldest started Kindergarten this week...tear..) but I was able to take a Vegan BBQ cooking class with the famous Green Vegetarian restaurant! It was a great way to see healthy cooking in action :)

This was my first vegetarian cooking class experience in San Antonio, so I wasn't sure how many people would join in on my love of healthy eating and cooking. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were eager to learn about Vegan BBQ! There was a great amount of information given in such a short amount of time. Chef Mike Behrend presented a delicious menu for class that night: Roasted Corn Salad, Black Bean Burgers with homemade ketchup, Beet Potato Salad, and Vegan Coconut Ambrosia. 

Chef Mike prepping the Roasted Corn Salad

Chef Mike prepping the Roasted Corn Salad

Chef Mike went through the recipes giving tips here and there about tricks he has picked up along the way. 

Christian whipping up the coconut whip 'cream' for the Vegan Coconut Ambrosia

Christian whipping up the coconut whip 'cream' for the Vegan Coconut Ambrosia

Finished dinner! This picture doesn't do it justice, it was delicious! Bean Burger with caramelized onions, Roasted Corn Salad, Beet Potato Salad, and homemade ketchup. 

Finished dinner! This picture doesn't do it justice, it was delicious! Bean Burger with caramelized onions, Roasted Corn Salad, Beet Potato Salad, and homemade ketchup. 

Dinner was delicious! The recipes were spot on. It truly reminded me of eating at a BBQ picnic. The burger had a little kick and the homemade ketchup was fantastic. It is nothing like Heinz, it has a great gourmet taste that was a great compliment to the bean burger. My biggest surprise was the Beet Potato Salad. I am not a huge beet fan, but the mayo recipe and seasonings were a great combination. The earthy flavor of the beet wasn't overpowering, yet you still were able to enjoy the many health benefits of the beet. 

Vegan Coconut Ambrosia. This was unreal. SO. GOOD. 

Vegan Coconut Ambrosia. This was unreal. SO. GOOD. 

The dessert Vegan Coconut Ambrosia was AMAZING. The coconut whipped cream recipe was the perfect sweet and tropical compliment to the fruit and topped with roasted pecans...doesn't get any better than this!

The verdict: FUN and DELICIOUS. I would definitely recommend taking one of their cooking classes if you can. I learned a lot of great techniques and not to mention the meal at the end of class was delish! If you want to visit them, you will love their vegetarian and vegan menu options! If you are in San Antonio, stop by their Pearl or Alon locations. If you are in Houston, visit them on Chimney Rock. For more information on their restaurant or future cooking classes, visit them www.EatAtGreen.com

(I am not affiliated with Green Vegetarian restaurant or anyone who works with or for Green--I just love the restaurant and wanted to share my cooking class experience! :) )

With Health and Happiness,


Kids and Eating Healthy

We all know how important it is for us to eat healthy. The awareness of food and the direct relation to our health has been in the mainstream media for years now. What about our children though? With pediatric obesity rates rising, lets talk about how to get our kids to eat healthier by introducing them to the fun side of healthy food!

I have been devoted to making health fun for kids for years now. I started with my own boys (5 and 2.5 years), and what I have found over the years is that getting kids to eat healthy has to be FUN! I will take my boys to the store and have them pick out whatever fruit or vegetable they want. Sometimes it is new and sometimes it isn't, but the key is they have a hand in what they eat. This helps them to feel connected and excited about trying new things. With all new foods I introduce, I let them see it before being cooked and after. I let them touch it, smell it, laugh at it...whatever gets them to have fun and not be scared to try it. 

Lead by example. You can't encourage your kids eat their veggies if you aren't! Start out by making some of your  favorite vegetable dishes and introduce it to them. When they see you and other role models eating healthy, they will be more inclined to follow your lead. My 5 year old is o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with mushrooms. He LOVES them. I didn't put any on his plate for years because what kid loves mushrooms?  I assumed that because I didn't like them at 5 neither would he, I was completely wrong. He tried some from our plate a few years back and has been a big fan ever since. My 2.5 year old is crazy about broccoli. That's right, broccoli. No cheese, no sauce, just steamed broccoli. He could eat a bowlful he loves it that much. With him, it was another situation where he tried some off our plate and couldn't stop eating it. The moral of the story? Be the example and have them try everything. Don't assume they won't like it, they may just surprise you!

Don't give up! It takes a few tries to like something new. Keep serving it and encourage them to try a bite. If they don't like it the first time around, make it a different way next time but keep trying! It's important they know they don't have to like everything but should be encouraged to try  everything. With a little patience and persistence, you can inspire healthy eating habits. The earlier health is encouraged, the better chance they carry this mindset into adulthood. 

Lastly, make it taste good! Who wants to eat anything that tastes badly--healthy or not? No, life is too short for bland food! The best way to get kids to eat healthy is to make it taste good! In our house, we drink smoothies everyday with our lunch. Our smoothies are packed with healthy ingredients yet still taste like a treat. The key with kids is to have smoothies that have a good balance of sweet (naturally occurring of course..) and veggies. When starting out keep the ratio 3:1 fruits and vegetables. Slowly add more vegetables (greens) and they can work their way up to 2:1 or even 1:1. I also recommend smoothies have fun names! My sons used to call our green smoothies "Hulk" smoothies because they were green and they will be big and strong like Hulk from drinking them. Giving them a name is just another fun way to keep kids interested and excited.  

Smoothies are an easy and tasty way to get in the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.  I have listed some of my family's go to recipes here for a new series I'm starting: "Kid Approved Smoothies". I will continue to add downloadable PDFs to my shop page, so check back often!     

Have fun with health and don't be scared to try new things!

With Health and Happiness,




3 Day Cleanse is AVAILABLE!

3 Day Eat Clean Cleanse Detox

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would do a video blog post for you this week to share my experience going on my 3 day cleanse. I will start by saying I have been on other cleanses before and didn’t terribly enjoy them. The food wasn’t my favorite and I always seemed to feel hungry. That was why I wanted to design this 3 day cleanse and offer it on my shop page--I wanted a “no starving” approach that cleans out the toxins but with food that still fills me up and tastes good.

I finished going on this cleanse last night and I have to say I feel so great! Day 1, I had a slight headache from my body going through the process of removing the built up toxins. That day I had a little less energy than normal, but I never felt hungry. All the meals tasted great and they are spread out through the day so I never felt deprived. I even had dessert! :) By Day 2, I gradually got more energy and again never felt hungry or deprived. Waking up Day 3, I had a great amount of energy! It was like having the coffee rush but it was only from healthy eating and not the caffeine stimulants. I felt this steady energy throughout the day. Before bed I typically feel extremely tired and groggy, but on the last night of the cleanse I felt relaxed and clear-minded. It really gave me a better much more restful sleep.

Overall, I noticed a huge decrease in bloat and inflammation. My skin feels clearer and brighter and I just feel more energized and alert. Of course, everyone’s results will vary depending on your current health and eating habits. But, I am certain that you will be able to kickstart a healthier routine with this cleanse.

The 3 Day Cleanse is a is a ‘NO-starving’ approach focusing on delicious and filling whole plant based foods. Meal recipes for each of the 3 days include smoothies, healthy snacks, warm dinners, and even dessert! What is included in the plan are recipes for every meal (all recipes are NO meat, dairy, gluten, nuts, soy or added sugar), shopping list, advice on what you need to know before and after the cleanse to make it a success, education of the benefits of the ingredients and how they help work with your body for optimum health, and positive quotes each day for motivational support.

I am happy to share my experience and hope it inspires you to try this cleanse. For more information and to purchase, go to my shop page and get all the details.

With Health and Happiness,



Where I have been

Some of you may have noticed my absence over the last few weeks here and on my social media pages. Over the last few weeks, my family and I have been settling into our new life in San Antonio, Texas. It has been quite the process moving from Iowa to sunny Texas but we are very much enjoying our experience here!

I have taken the last few weeks to not only get unpacked and organized but to start my other passion--gardening! Along with my health and nutrition training I am also certified in Urban Farming (or city gardening). My family and I have moved to a house that has a great backyard for container growing and I am thrilled to plant my edibles! So far, I have tomatoes, basil, kale, spinach, and calamondin oranges. I hope to keep adding to my garden as the growing season here is virtually year round. My container garden is a work in progress, but I will hopefully be able to work in the kitchen concocting recipes with my homegrown organic produce soon! I will of course keep you updated with it's process because I strongly believe freshest produce is the best way to a healthy lifestyle and you can't get any fresher than your backyard! :)

I am so happy to be back! I am ready to help you with all your wellness needs and am thrilled to be able to serve the local San Antonio, Texas area in person!

With Health and Happiness,


Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends, My passion is wellness and I am so eager to get started sharing my knowledge with you!

Let me start with a little about myself: I am a wife of 7 years and a mom to two young boys. I enjoy spending quality time outside with my family. Being out in nature is like taking a breath of fresh air for the soul--it’s my recharge button. I love walking, hiking, and just being out in the sun!  I also love being in the kitchen and have since I was young. I love cooking and creating recipes that are super healthy yet taste amazing. I pass everything through my mini-taste testers and enjoy having them help create with me in the kitchen.

I began Be Well. Be Happy. with women and families in mind. I personally know how hard it is to keep yourself and family healthy when you have picky eaters or are short on time. With this blog and my services, I hope to help you with my personal tips and experiences.  As a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I specialize in holistic wellness techniques.  I believe being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland.  I rely on healthy yet satisfying foods, positive thinking, and movement to help you realize your health potential.