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Auriculotherapy or ear reflexology helps unblock the dysfunction to let the body release, relax, and heal.

Auriculotherapy on a regular basis will help promote health both physically, emotionally and energetically by stimulating the functions of the chakras. Manipulation of these certain points release endorphins, which are the body's naturally produced pain relievers and relaxers.

The overall effect of chakra balancing through auriculotherapy is to create a more balanced body.

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The healing practice of auriculotherapy use a gentle approach to healing. With the use of manual pressure, essential oils, and ear massage auriculotherapy practitioner, Nickole releases the energetic blocks through specific points in the ear.

Without the use of needles, medicine, or surgery auriculotherapy can help the body to heal itself for optimal health.


All ages can benefit from this simple therapy.

Think of your ear as a "circuit board" that has a connection to every part of the body. With one specific point on the ear directly connected to another area of the body. By helping balance the body, auriculotherapy can lead to a more balanced state in which stress is lessened and energetic blocks are released. 

Children and adults of all ages can benefit from this relaxing and energetically balancing modality.


Auriculotherapy is considered one form of alternative medicine, which also includes acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, and homeopathy. Treatment works best when implemented as part of a multidisciplinary compliment to multiple treatment approaches. 

Auriculotherapy consist of applying pressure to reflex points in the ear, auriculotherapy helps to unblock the dysfunction to let the body release, relax, and heal.

Without the use of needles, medicine, or surgery auriculotherapy can help facilitate the natural healing process of the body for optimal health.  

Every person is different and results vary depending on each individual situation. But, you will leave feeling relaxed, more grounded, and energetically balanced.

There is no set number of treatments because every person is different, but it’s recommend to booking a session every 1-2 weeks. Getting sessions on a regular basis helps to keep the energy field within steady to help avoid the roller coaster of emotions daily life can bring.


During your session, Nickole will walk you through the process of the chakra balancing session in the comfort and relaxation of her in home studio.  She will ask you about your goals and what you'd like to get out of the session.

Nickole will start with a Tibetan singing bowl meditation to get your energy centers opened and your body relaxed. She will then touch on each of the 7 chakras within the ear. The tuning fork will be used with a complimentary chakra stone to send an om frequency to each specific chakra point. Following the treatment you will relax with a full 12 step ear massage with essential oils to support the body's healing powers and boost immunity. Relax during the treatment with meditative music to fully immerse yourself in the healing process.