Hi I'm Nickole Swensen, founder of Be Well. Be Happy.! I'm a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner specializing in health coaching with holistic healing modalities. I live in San Antonio, Texas with my loving and supportive husband and two handsome sons. I love cooking, creating healthy and delicious recipes, being outdoors, and spending time with my family. 

With a holistic mindset and healthy lifestyle, I have greatly improved my quality of life as well as my family's and I'm eager to inspire other women to change their lives for the better. I graduated from the Southwest School of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona with a specialty in Holistic Nutrition and Urban Farming.

At Be Well. Be Happy., I show you the way to feel alive again in a way that is realistic for a busy lifestyle. As a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and mom I'm here to support, motivate, and inspire you along your journey. I empower you to take charge of your life to feel healthy and happy. It is possible! With positive and realistic techniques you'll see lasting changes for a consistently healthy life. 



I began studying alternative healing modalities to first help myself and those close to me. As a mom of two boys, I thought feeling lackluster and exhausted was normal. I took advantage of my health and let myself go for too long. With my poor self-care and health habits I started not being able to fit into the clothes I used to love, I had issues with consistent swelling, was constantly tired and was unable to get help from my family physician. After a disappointing visit to the doctor with no explanation or help, I started doing my own research on the different possibilities.  I found many possible nutrition culprits and immediately started to change my views on nutrition, self-care, and my health habits. Once I decided to make my health priority, I saw a vast improvement in my life. I found my energy again, felt rejuvenated, and became a happier woman and mom. I became hooked on this lifestyle and started to pursue a career in wellness through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts getting my degree in Mind Body Wellness and Urban Farming. I have now made it my mission to help as many women as possible live a happy and well life!


My philosophy is simple; I believe healthy food doesn't have to be bland or boring. I believe in the use of whole foods, meditation, and positive thinking. With these tools you will live a life you never knew was possible! 



As a wife and mother of two young boys, my passion lies in helping other moms learn how to prioritize themselves with healthy habits to live the best life possible. I am devoted to empowering other moms so they can teach healthy habits to the rest of their family. It's priceless to see the joy in my sons' eyes when they help to cook the family meal and the excitement when they see their favorite vegetables being served. Through teaching and inspiring, I hope to help others share this excitement around healthy, tasty food--health and happiness is meant to be shared.

Getting healthy can seem daunting, I hope to show you how to make the transition easy, simple, and fun. It's never too early or too late to be healthy and happy!