6 Weeks to Healthy and Happy

Be Well. Be Happy.

6 Weeks to Healthy and Happy

| 6 Weeks to Healthy and Happy |

A 6 week health program designed to get you healthy for life, mind and body.

With Nickole Swensen, Mind Body Wellness Practitioner


You want your life back...


  • You're feeling discouraged about your health because you feel like you've tried everything and nothing seems to stick.
  • You want to feel confident when you're out of the house knowing you are looking and feeling your best.
  • You want more energy to actually enjoy life.
  • You're ready to stop beating yourself up over every food choice and start enjoying food again.

This doesn't have to be your life anymore. You don't have to go through life feeling ashamed, because you're BEAUTIFUL and you deserve to be healthy too.

My goal for you is be healthy and happy.

It's that simple and it's totally possible for you.


I know you're bombarded with ways to lose weight, get healthier, eat better, and get to your goals. SO, why would you want to work with me? 

It's simple, I deeply and truly care about each and every client that I work with. The reason I work with only a few clients per month is so I can really tailor how I work with each person and really be there when they need me outside of the sessions. Not everyone is the same, their bodies aren't the same and their goals aren't the same. I take the time to align myself with where each client is so we can improve their health and get to their specific goals from where they are right now. I spend the time to really help you get through your blocks to get you to your healthiest.

I'm not the latest and the greatest fad in weight loss and healthy living. I'm a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and I help you not only to devise a healthy eating routine that is realistic for you, but I help you to align your thoughts and your mental practices so your body can work together as one. When we eat healthy but think we are "fat, ugly, or no fun" how can you truly be healthy?! Because, I truly believe that when our body AND mind are healthy we can get to and maintain a healthy and happy life.


I went from a row-of-oreos eating, pot of coffee a day drinking, and stressed out mother of two, to a healthy, vibrant women who is full of life and energy. 

I couldn't fit into my favorite clothes anymore. The only thing that fit was my stretchy pants. I had to choose between going up in size or get healthy. I choose to get healthy and am so happy I did.

I have gotten to my ideal weight and kept it off for years. Now I have the energy and confidence to finally feel and look like myself again! 

If I can do it, you can do it!



  • learn how to eat some of your favorite foods without over-indulging?

  • feel beautiful?

  • have the energy to do whatever you wanted?

  • lose weight in a way that is healthy and safe and actually keep it off?

  • stop emotional eating? 

| WHY ME? |

Hi! I'm Nickole a wife and a mom to two boys (6 & 3). When I became a mom I gave my all to them. I loved doing it, but in the process lost myself. I put myself last and my health suffered. I gained weight. I fell in love with stretchy pants (and not in a good way...) I was impatient and unhappy. I had zero energy. This wasn't the type of life I wanted to live anymore. My kids deserved a healthy and happy mom. They deserved a mom who had the energy to play with them at the park without getting tired. They deserved a mom who was confident and happy. I deserved to enjoy my life.

I made my health priority and started seeing changes right away. My energy skyrocketed! I was able to keep up with my boys without feeling zapped at the end of the day. I started being able to fit into (and button!) the jeans I used to love but had hidden in the back of the closet. I was finally able to feel good when trying on swimsuits for Summer. It was only after I stopped dieting was I able to keep my weight loss off for good. 

As a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I received my Mind Body Wellness Practitioner degree in Holistic Nutrition. I'm a practicing Health and Wellness Coach specializing in helping women get back the body they deserve. I love helping women and especially moms because I know how hard it is to be healthy with a busy family. It's my mission to help moms not only look good but feel good!



  • I believe there are no 'bad' foods.

  • I believe healthy foods can tastes delicious.

  • I believe in a non-deprivation healthy life. 

  • I believe exercise can and should be fun.

  • I believe feeling good on the inside is just as important as looking good on the outside.


Now, I know what you're thinking and that's why I'm prepared to debunk your myths about living a healthier life...

Don't worry...you don’t have to avoid restaurants, you don’t have to just eat salad, and you don’t have to spend all day in the gym (or even go every day).



Going on a diet and exercising for hours a day didn't fit into my idea of a fun, healthy life either. I also knew I didn't have a lot of time to devote to losing weight and getting the health that I knew I needed for myself.

Being healthy doesn't have to mean years of dieting and spending hours at the gym! I know that you don't have hours to devote (I don't either!) so I make sure I offer realistic techniques and advice that is doable for a busy life that you'll actually want to stick with.



When I decided I needed to change my eating habits, I thought like most people, that bland = healthy.

I would eat ho hum, uninspiring foods that kept me healthy but I hated every minute of it. This was my way of eating for a while, and I’ll tell you it was pretty horrible! I was eating bland, boring, tasteless food because I thought that is what I had to do to stay healthy. This was a big problem because I love food but I also loved the feeling of being healthy! 

I was afraid that in order to stay healthy my life was doomed by bland salads and fat-free, tasteless meals.

Are you worried that being healthy means missing out on delicious foods? Do you think eating healthier will take too much of your time? Are you afraid that you can’t cook healthier because you don’t know how? 

That was me.

Flash forward to now, I’m eating healthy meals that taste gourmet yet are so simple to make. I’m able to stick with healthy eating because it doesn’t taste ‘healthy’ and I know how to eat these delicious foods mindfully. With the use of the tools I teach in 6 week program, I’m able to achieve a life of vitality and energy! I’ve been able to get to and finally maintain my ideal weight and because of that I’m so much more confident!

I help you work with what you eat right now to make it healthier yet still delicious. Being healthy doesn't man that you have to give up everything you love, let me help you make it the healthiest possible so you can get to your health goals faster.



I'll tell you a little story, when I first had my sons I gave them my all. I put their needs above my own and I loved doing it! Lots of coffee and many sleepless nights later it started catching up with me. I began not being able to fit into my jeans that I loved. I wasn't as patient as I used to be. And the turning point was when I went swimsuit shopping and came home crying to my husband because I just didn't look the way I thought I should look...I didn't feel confident when I looked in the mirror. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because when you give your all to everyone else, you don't have any to give to yourself. That's what leads to weight gain, low energy, and unhealthy habits. As a mom I know how hard it is to put yourself first, but when I started doing that everything changed for me. I was able to focus on what I could do to lose weight and better my health. I became more patient with my kids, started feeling better about myself and was overall a better mom and wife.

Taking care of yourself and your health is a way to better take care of your whole family. It's not selfish!  If your cup isn't full, how can you share anything with others? It's so true! When you're burnt out, exhausted, and feeling self-concious how can you be the best mom or woman possible? 



Are you tired of all the yo-yo dieting and trying to figure out what fad you haven't tried yet to lose that extra weight? And then when you finally lose the weight, something throws you off and you end up gaining it back (and more!)..I totally know where you're coming from. But, losing weight and keeping it off isn't impossible when you know the right tools.

I designed this program to show you how to be the best woman possible by getting to your ideal weight and gaining your ideal health. You'll experience confidence, energy, and weight loss to live at your best. I show you how to do all of this in a realistic and non-dieting approach. Because the only way you can lose weight and then keep it off is if it's doable! 



Here's what some of my clients have to say:

"I sought Nickole’s help because I was aware that I’m not putting my health first. I’m a busy entrepreneur and just like many of us, I used to put everything else first but me. I realised that this can have negative effects on my body in a long term, hence I approached Nickole. Initially I was scared that this would be a ‘diet’ type of approach and I that it would be very difficult to keep up with. I was so wrong. Nickole's approach is brilliant - she helped me to incorporate little things into my daily routine - things that make a huge difference. Since I started to work with Nickole, I now am much more health conscious, I eat better, I have more exercise, and generally, I look after myself better. I feel vital and full of energy - exactly what I hoped for! As a bonus, I lost a little bit of weight. It wasn’t my objective for coaching, but hey, I’m not complaining. Thanks so much Nickole!" - Lenka

"Nickole is seriously a ROCKSTAR when it comes to health!! She is such a breath of fresh air and really knowledgable about everything health-related. I'm about to leave to go visit my boyfriends parents tomorrow in California, and his mom makes only extremely fatty Mexican food (like 6 times a day and expects us all to have 2 servings each time) and Nickole helped relieve my anxiety about it and gave me a plan of what to do when I get there (and what to do when I get back!) - Lauren

"My schedule is sporadic, Nickole showed me how to realistically plan out my week to include healthy living so I can reach my weight goals." - Ginny

"With Nickole's help, I have maintained my weight because I know how to make smarter food choices. I have enjoyed foods I would've never tried before. I now have a new interest in preventative health." - DS

"I used to make poor food choices for breakfast. One morning when driving to work I thought I'd stop and grab something easy and quick on the way in, I thought "what would Nickole say?" So I had my oatmeal instead! I'm glad I had Nickole in the back of my mind to point me in the right direction." - Maria

"Nickole is amazing!! Her depth of information and conscious health has changed my perspective on how I take care of my body. In the four weeks we worked together, I incorporated a TON of new things into my routine and felt the difference within me right away! I had more energy, felt lighter, was inspired to begin moving my body, and happier all around! She even helped me with tips for eating while away on vacation that helped me not have a killer stomach ache by sticking by my health goals and tools to tackle the urge to bing eat and drink. If you're looking to get your mind in sync with your bodies needs Nickole is the one! She will rock it out!" - Tieara



  • 6 (1 hour each) health sessions (1 session per week via phone or Skype)

    • These sessions is what sets this program apart from others you've tried in the past. You'll get personalized attention to your specific needs, concerns, and questions so you can get to your goals and make them stick for good.

      • You'll overcome emotional blocks and past triggers that have held you back in the past 

      • You'll learn how to mindfully eat so you'll never feel deprived of your favorite foods

      • We plan a realistic healthy eating plan according to your lifestyle

      • You'll learn how to drop the negative body talk to start loving and appreciating yourself

  • Unlimited email access during the 6 week program

    • Feeling stuck or unmotivated in between sessions or just have a question you're dying to ask, just email me!



  • Book a complimentary call with me to see if you're a good fit for this program OR reserve your spot right away by purchasing your 6 week package now
  • Once purchased, I will contact you straight away to send over your contract and health assessment form so I can get to know your health history and your goals to best tailor your sessions around your specific needs
  • We will then schedule your 6 standing sessions and get started on your health journey right away
  • Each session will be tailored around your unique goals. I will then help you map out a realistic plan and motivate you with support and encouragement to help you achieve your goals 



This program is for you if...

  • You want to look good but also feel good without dieting

  • You're ready to lose weight and feel great for good 

  • You want to learn how to eat delicious foods that are healthy and easy

  • You're ready to make a commitment to make yourself priority

  • You're willing to put in the work to make big changes in your life

  • Are ready to feel sexy and beautiful

  • Want to the energy to enjoy your life without feeling tired or out of breath

  • Are ready to finally know and believe that you are beautiful

  • Are ready to let go of emotional eating once and for all


Ready to be healthy and happy? Let me help you get there!

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