10 Day Reset

10-Day Reset

Body Reboot


This 10-day reset & body reboot is a perfect way to get back on track or recharge your health with a simple nutrition and holistic lifestyle jumpstart. This 10-day system is not a drastic diet, a detox, or a cleanse it's a way for your body to get back to basics--by eating wholesome, clean, and delicious foods! 

This plan is gluten free, dairy free, meat free, and refined sugars free. With this system you will be ditching the refined, processed, and unhealthy foods that are causing inflammation, excess weight, low energy, slow metabolism, and digestive issues. By doing so your body sheds the toxins we've been holding onto and can reset so it's able to run at it's best with more energy, clarity, and focus. 

Not only will you be shedding toxins by eating a clean, whole foods menu you'll also help to rid yourself of the negative thought patterns that tend to keep us stuck. Daily affirmations are included to help rid yourself of the mental blocks associated with toxic thought patterns. By releasing your negative thoughts and eating a nourishing meals your body will notice a complete reset -- mind and body.



  • 35-Page PDF (printable & savable) that includes:
    • 10-day meal guide including what to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks 
    • Recipes for all meal ideas 
    • Shopping list
    • Grocery store resource guide
    • Holistic lifestyle tips to make the most out of the reset 
    • Daily affirmations and motivational quotes to keep you inspired
  • Exclusive access to the Be Well. Be Happy. Facebook community group
  • 20% off one on one health coaching consultations



Each day you'll pick your delicious breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and dessert to enjoy for the day. You'll incorporate the simple holistic lifestyle tips provided. The structure of this program allows you to choose how your day looks. This is not a major cleanse, crazy detox, or unrealistic diet just clean eating at it's finest! Getting back to basics with whole foods and simple holistic lifestyle techniques allows your body to transition to a healthier life at an easy and comfortable pace. 



  • A jumpstart on clean, healthy, whole foods eating.
  • More energy, clarity, and focus.
  • Better digestion.
  • Reduction in inflammation.
  • A release in negative mental blocks around health and body.



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Use this printable and savable 35 page PDF whenever you need a reset. After the holidays, after a vacation away, or whenever you feel like your body just needs a healthy jumpstart! This product is yours to keep and to use as much as you'd like! 




"What a great product, easy, fast and all the necessities. I'm excited!" - Nancy J., Arizona



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10-day Reset & Body Reboot
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