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If you're anything like me a few years ago, I loved being a mom but just didn't feel like 'myself'.  

  • I wasn't able to fit into my skinny jeans...(and I wasn't going to wear "mom jeans"!)
  • My turning point happened when I went swimsuit shopping. I looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize myself. This wasn't how I wanted to feel and it definitely wasn't how I wanted to look.
  • I wanted to be able to go shopping and enjoy it because I knew I wouldn't have to go up a size every time I tried on jeans.

Does this sound familiar? It doesn't have to anymore.

I know the feeling all too well of being a younger mom that still wants to look like a younger mom; fashionable, fun and fit. I get it. At the time, I wasn't taking care of my health. I gained weight and wasn't fitting into the clothes I wanted to wear, but I wasn't ready to get the 'mom jeans'. 

At Be Well. Be Happy., I work with you and your specific goals whether you are interested in losing weight, increasing energy, or have an overall healthier life. I will take your current health and your goals into consideration to give you realistic techniques so you can achieve your ideal weight! You'll feel like the mom you've imagined yourself to be--fit, confident, and energetic!

Each hour long session is unique to you and will be tailored around your weight loss goals and personal health needs. Don't worry, you don't have to avoid restaurants, you don't have to just eat salad, and you don't have to spend all day at the gym (or even go every day).


After setting up your initial consultation, you'll receive an assessment form to fill out; this allows a better understanding of your current health. We then setup a convenient date and time for your coaching session. You can then expect a private one-on-one health coaching session with me either via Skype audio or phone. Here you and I will walk step by step through your goals. I evaluate your assessment and give you realistic techniques, advice and an actionable lifestyle plan that will best suit your busy lifestyle and goals. After 1 hour, you'll be focused and clear on what the exact steps are to obtain your goals.


One-on-one health coaching sessions are personalized and tailored to your needs. In the session we will:

  • Make an actionable plan to get to your health goals
  • Map out daily tasks to achieve your goals based on proven techniques myself and my clients have used

    **PLUS you'll get a printable PDF of grocery store tips to make going to the grocery store easy and stress-free.

 I'm here to support and guide you so you can lose weight. Feel good and look good inside and out with consistent and lasting wellness.  I look forward to helping you!

Ready to feel like yourself again? Purchase your 1 hour health coach session, to lose weight now.

1 Hour Health Coach Session