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Happy Mushroom Monday!

This week’s recipe is so incredibly delicious, I wish you could lick the screen and taste it (I don’t recommend this though so please don’t lick your screen...ha!) Mongolian beef used to be my absolute favorite Asian dish! I didn’t realize how much I missed it until my family I recently went to have Asian takeout and I had to substitute tofu for the beef. Although the tofu was absolutely delish, it just didn’t quite hit the same not as the beef so I knew I needed to try and make a plant based alternative! This is the creation, and I have to say it’s better than any Asian take-out I’ve ever had. Read more here...

"I used to make poor food choices for breakfast. One morning when driving to work I thought I'd stop and grab something easy and quick on the way in, I thought "what would Nickole say?" So I had my oatmeal instead! I'm glad I had Nickole in the back of my mind to point me in the right direction." - Maria