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Happy Mushroom Monday!

Soup and chili weather is here! My absolutely favorite time of the year! I love sweaters, boots, cooler weather, and soup on a cool Fall night. Chili is a staple for our family this time of year. It’s such a versatile recipe, you can really add in til your heart's content!

The crockpot makes this a fuss free and easy dish for any day of the week. I love crockpots! There’s nothing like having your dinner cook itself with little to no work on your part. Great for busy weeknights or for taking to your next potluck, this crockpot chili recipe will a hit!



"I used to make poor food choices for breakfast. One morning when driving to work I thought I'd stop and grab something easy and quick on the way in, I thought "what would Nickole say?" So I had my oatmeal instead! I'm glad I had Nickole in the back of my mind to point me in the right direction." - Maria