I fully believe alignment is the key to happiness. 

With years and years of searching for the key to happiness, I found being in alignment is all that really matters. Why? Being in alignment means we are living in our truth. When we’re living in our truth, everything else falls into place.

Being alignment with who our soul wants us to be, our natural truth, allows us to be in the flow and enjoy life. It’s the ultimate happiness, the I can’t believe this is my life type of happiness.

Hi, I’m Nickole Swensen. I specialize in energetic alignment. My soul’s purpose is to help you get back in alignment. Back to your natural state of truth.

Fitting in doesn’t align with you. Fitting into a box your soul wasn’t made for suppresses the gifts you can give to the world. Alignment, being aligned with the true you, allows you to live the best possible life full of ease and happiness.



Nickole’s signature auriculotherapy chakra balancing sessions are for those of you who want a little energetic help to relax your body, mind, and spirit. Nickole combines reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, and touch therapy all within the ear to release the energy that is no longer serving you. You’ll receive which chakras may have been blocked for you and you can then take this information home with you to reflect on. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and light.

This form of work can only be in person. READ MORE..


Private Intensives are a full day (6 hours) or half day (3 hours) of coaching, support, self-energy work techniques, and meditations to access true alignment. An intensive is for you if you’re tired of waiting around living a mediocre life, you are ready to access more because you know you are meant for more!

With support, you’ll access alignment through healing your energy systems (including my signature alignment practice of accessing alignment through the ears), removing the blocks, stopping the dead end stories you’re telling yourself, learn how to stay in alignment, and tap into your ultimate fail-proof tool, you’re intuition.

The power of 1:1 private alignment alignment coaching, personal support, and specific energetic guidance creates the massive shift you’ve been waiting for.

This form of work can be in person or online via zoom. READ MORE..